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Your Practice Management Secret Weapon Could be Sleep

Your Practice Management Secret Weapon Could be Sleep

Doubtlessly you’ve heard stories of famous people sleeping only a few hours per night on a regular basis.  While even I have had to go with little sleep during stretches of tax season before we built Clarity, these stories are mostly myth according to Matthew Walker, PhD in his book, “Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams.”


According to Walker, we experience a number of different sleep stages each night.  Two of the most prominent are REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and Non-REM sleep.


REM sleep creates connections between our experiences.  Ever wonder why you easily solved that tax problem, which seemed so intractable last night, after a good night’s sleep?  The monster, that chased you in your nightmare, actually helped you solve the problem.


Non-REM sleep evaluates the day’s experiences and decides which ones get written to your long term memory.  Non-REM sleep uses that process to help you forget bad experiences or dull their impact.  Today you got chewed out by a client, and it’s really painful.  Tomorrow morning, after a full night’s sleep, the experience no longer seems so important.


Clarity Practice Management will bring order to your practice, but good sleep habits create consistent peak performance.  Read Walker’s book.  I guarantee it will put you to sleep, in a good way.


Thanks for reading!

Frank Stitely, CPA

CEO, Clarity Practice Management

Author, “The Relentless CPA”

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