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About Us

Real life, not a garage.

Clarity Practice Management was born from an IRL (in real life) accountant-client relationship kindled some ten years ago. While, in the beginning, Peter Daniel, client, didn’t mind driving over to see Frank Stitely, CPA/CVA, eight times a year, eventually he preferred catching up with his accountant only by phone. Then it was email. Then he wanted to know if Frank could send him fewer emails. And then Peter, a successful tech developer, wanted to know why they couldn’t just meet in the cloud, in one designated space. Then he wanted to stop all in-person meetings, all phone calls, and all emails. He said, “Frank, I can make this work better for you and me. And if I can do it for us, I can do it for all of your clients. And if we can do that, let’s make it available for other tax firms, and bring some much-needed change and modernization to the industry.”


Peter and Frank put their heads together to provide a step-by-step roadmap to the practice management side of running a tax, CPA, or accounting firm. Hosted in the cloud, they created Clarity Practice Management to simplify the business of running a professional services practice, eliminating the need for in-person client meetings; reducing emails and other touchpoints; and creating all-around savings, particularly for nonbillable time.


So that’s the short story: Clarity was founded by a frustrated CPA who wanted to cut the time he spent on nonessential tasks, partnered with an equally frustrated client. Now they just meet when they want to share a beer . . . or two. They mapped out every single business process associated with running an accounting firm, including the compliance work itself, and found a way to streamline this workflow without office staff input. They’re currently adding AI to this mix, resulting in dramatically decreased non-billable time and correspondingly increased high-value opportunities to do the best work possible for clients of all sizes, in all industries.

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Peter Daniel

Chief Technology Officer

Frank Stitely

Chief Executive Officer