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Grow Your Practice

Growing your Practice


What’s the average age of your clients? For many firms, it’s over 60 – way over 60. Your practice may literally be dying away.
How can you change your client demographic?

  • Recognize that younger clients want a different experience.
  • They view phone calls and e-mails as intrusions.
  • They want to communicate when they want, not when you call them.
  • They want to participate in the tax return process by asking questions and reviewing draft returns.
  • They want to post files and notes for you in a secure place.

With Clarity Practice Management you can

  • Post files for clients and much, much more.
  • Post notes for clients, and they can post notes for you.
  • Ask clients questions and receive answers on the site.
  • Automate reminders for clients, who don’t provide answers.
  • Post draft returns and have clients approve them on the site.
  • Easily e-deliver tax returns and other deliverables.
  • Track e-filing and automatically notify clients of IRS acceptance.
  • Get paid before you file returns.

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