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Accounting and Tax Practice Management
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Why Practice Management


Clarity Practice Management (CPM) is the first-of-its-kind client-centric practice management SaaS for CPAs, accountants, tax preparers, and their firms, no matter the size of the practice. We dramatically grow the value of your firm while significantly reducing burdensome (non-billable) practice management tasks.


No other platform lets service providers and their clients meet from one easy-to-drive platform.


All professional services are personal, yet no one has or wants to take the time to meet with their provider in person anymore. Clarity Practice Management provides clients with what they have not, until now, had access to – real-time visibility into their tax, audit, or accounting engagement while covering everything from the first meeting through completion, virtually.


With visibility into each engagement comes a sense of control and, in today’s on-demand marketplace, clients must be put in the driver’s seat – being served how, when, and as they want.


A meet-to-complete business model means professional services can be delivered as conveniently as a pizza, a ride share, or even a decked-out, customized car. It’s that simple.


CPA, accounting, and tax prep outfits sit within one of the last industries to be disrupted – until now:

  • Historically highly burdensome time-tracking documentation and administrative requirements
  • Limited industry participation in what were narrowly defined client service models
  • Endless areas of nonbillable administrative duties, coupled with manual management of multiple clients


Clarity Practice Management solves for these old-world problems, paving the way for established practices and freshly minted CPAs alike to serve their clients – of all sizes and industries – as easily as delivering a custom order pizza.