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Winning Tax Season by Delegating

Winning Tax Season by Delegating

One of the biggest problems we see in fellow CPA firms is when the owners try to do too much work themselves. This leads to more stress and longer days and less profit for your firm. The answer is obvious: Delegating. Unfortunately it can be hard for skilled practitioners to step aside and let others do work for them. Here’s 6 tips to make delegating easier.

  • Don’t consider “if” you can delegate a task.  Consider “how.”  You may not be able to delegate an entire project, but you may be able to delegate some of the project tasks.  For example, you may not be able to delegate an entire business valuation, but you may be able to delegate the basic data entry.
  • Create systems that you can teach.  Follow the systems yourself.  Teaching what you use every day is more effective than “Do as I say, not as I do.”
  • Give clear deadlines for delegated tasks.  If you believe a task should take 3 hours and be done by this Wednesday, say so.  Help staff understand your priorities.
  • Use technology tools, like Clarity, to do only the tasks that require human effort
  • Trust, but verify.  Delegating is about monitoring and adjusting results.  Determine the areas of a tax return, which are most likely to be incorrect, and concentrate your reviews on those areas.
  • Practice your review skills.  Repetition doesn’t just make your staff faster and better.  It makes you faster and better.

Clarity Practice Management helps you win tax season by helping you manage your staff and their tasks.


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