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Using Private Networks for Safer Accounting Computing

Using Private Networks for Safer Accounting Computing

This week the accounting software industry buzzed with news of the Wolters Kluwer / CCH malware infection, likely caused by a phishing attack, targeting an insider with privileged access to the network. The infection caused the company to shut down its software applications and web sites for almost three days.
CPA firms face these threats every day without the resources of a company like Wolters Kluwer. How can you keep your firm safe from the bad guys?
Minimize or eliminate your use of public networks like e-mail. Rely, instead, on private opt-in networks, that minimize your exposure to infected or phishing e-mails – like Clarity Practice Management.
This past tax season, you received probably dozens of spoofed e-mails, which appeared to come from your clients, but came from other sources, carrying infected files or links. Sooner or later, your staff will compromise your network. It’s just a matter of time, if you rely on e-mail to obtain client documents.
Train your clients to keep their data and yours safe. If you’re using Clarity Practice Management, you can virtually eliminate receiving client documents by e-mail. Clients will post documents for you, and you can post documents for them in a private opt-in network.
Not only will you keep your computer network safe, you will get all of the project, client, and staff management features in Clarity.

Check us out at and good bye to chaos. Start making next tax season better today.
Thanks for reading!
Frank Stitely, CPA, CVA

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