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Is Your Tech Ready?

Is Your Tech Ready?

Most firm partners keep a list, during tax season, of all the problems they need to solve for next year.  It could be about different asset allocation, how to handle specific kinds of clients, and how to handle any burnout.


Frequently this is also about what technologies you have adopted and what helped, or what hindered you doing your job for your clients.


November and December are the last months to make a difference for the coming tax season and bring in any new tools to help fill the holes you had last year.  After that you get to make the same mistakes all over again.


Common improvements Clarity Practice Management has heard from Accounting Firms include:


  • Better Project Management– Being able to track where a project is, more smoothly move from one task to another and better access to client documents.
  • Smoother Client Communications– The ability to message clients (and have them message you) electronically and securely without having to call or email them.
  • Deeper Staff Collaboration– This includes the increasingly common remote staff to manage how they are performing their tasks


What firm doesn’t need those?  Clarity Practice Management can improve your practice in all of those ways. Check us out at


Sign up for a free 30-day trial or one of our weekly demos.


The clock is ticking on the next tax season…..


Thanks for reading!

Frank Stitely, CPA, CEO

“The Relentless CPA”

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