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3 Ways to Avoid Tax Season Burnouts

3 Ways to Avoid Tax Season Burnouts

Tax Season can feel very, very stressful. It’s the highpoint of your year, and by far the most work. At the end of the day though, these are feeling you create in yourself. If you want out of the rat race, quit running like one.  Here are three ways to leave 80 hour weeks behind.


First, delegate.  And then delegate some more.  We talked about this in our last email, but it is definitely worth reviewing. Especially import is our tip, Don’t ask “if” you can delegate a task.  Ask “how.”


Second, leave the office when it’s time to leave.  Tired work is poor work.  Does your best work happen on April 15th? Research has shows that sustained 60 hours weeks reduce the productivity of the first 40 hours. Studies published in the Harvard Business Review  also that it makes you more likely to overly rely on alcohol, and shorten your lifespan.  Tax season is a marathon not a sprint.


Third, take breaks. Breaks are incredibly beneficial and can greatly increase your focus and drive toward your goal.


Finally, create solid workflow processes that manage themselves.  You won’t have to monitor every step of every project.  Solid workflow means automated systems that perform routine follow up tasks without your involvement.


Clarity Practice Management helps you create processes that foster effective delegation and automate routine tasks.  Win the tax season rat race by not running as fast.


Check us out after tax season at www.ClarityPracticeManagement.com.  Leave the rat race to the rats.

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