Engage with your clients

Clients want a different experience in the 21st century from their CPA's, accountants, and tax preparers.  Specifically, they want:

  • Fewer meetings
  • Fewer phone calls
  • Fewer e-mails

But they still want great service.  They just want to communicate on their terms when they want the communication.  They don't want you to call them in the middle of family time with tax return questions.  They want you to take less time from their schedules, but accomplish more in terms of forward looking advice.


Client Dashboard


CPM gives you the tools to accomplish more for clients and take less time from their lives.

  • E-mail notifications let clients know you need their input.
  • Secure communications on the CPM site mean clients don't have to search through a crowded inbox to find your messages.
  • Clients can see the status of their projects at any time.
  • Clients can securely post files for your review with no file size limits.


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