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Fight Price Pressure with Differentiation

Last week I upset a bunch of people, without real jobs, in my post about practice management consultants. Let’s go for two weeks in a row. Ignore the practice management “experts,” who tell you that you just need to bill what you’re worth to get the price you deserve. Here’s how you know that’s total…
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Why Aren’t You Delegating Yet?

The now ex-wife of my good “friend” (me) tried to give him (me) the boot from their house on April 9th about ten years ago. I’m pretty certain you suspect there was motive to the timing – tax season of course. People try to do all sorts of bad things to us during tax season,…
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Are You Torturing Your Clients E-delivering Tax Returns?

Most clients prefer water boarding to the way CPA, accounting, and tax firms e-deliver tax returns. The CIA has nothing on us.  Under the threat of un-filed returns and IRS letters, we force clients to parse through a PDF nightmare known as the “government” copy.   Define “government” copy for me.  I dare you.  You…
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