Engage Clients

  • Keep clients happy by identifying tax returns behind schedule or ones potentially falling through the cracks.
  • Keep clients happy by tracking staff workload to minimize tax return turnaround time.
  • Save your time by reducing volume of telephone calls and e-mails.
  • Engage a younger client base, who prefer electronic communications to telephone calls.
  • Provide a safe place for clients to post files and leave notes.
  • Keep clients happy by not losing track of files sent by e-mail.
  • Keep clients happy by increasing the quality of return preparation by standardizing workflow.
  • Keep clients happy with frequent group communications.
  • Never miss another client due date.

Check out a short demonstration of our advanced due date tracking.

Increase Productivity

  • Save your time by reducing volume of telephone calls and e-mails.
  • Save your time by reducing telephone tag.
  • Save your time through electronic delivery of tax returns.
  • Save your time with automated client reminders.
  • Increase your cash flow by accepting credit card payments before you e-file returns.
  • Simplify e-delivery of tax returns.
  • Keep staff focused on project priorities.
  • Less than a minute to create a project.
  • Tag clients by industry and services provided.
  • Provide multiple users per client account.


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Here's what you really want to know...

How long does it take to create a project?  Is it easy?


Creating accounting or tax projects in CPM is a matter of seconds when you use templates.  Templates make creating teams a snap.  Check out the video.

How easy is it to manage projects?  How can I see what projects are behind schedule?

Managing projects in CPM is a snap.  You can easily slice and dice projects in endless ways.  Stay on top of project statuses by preparer, reviewer, type, or due date.  Check out the video.