Monthly Archives: July 2016

Fight Price Pressure with Differentiation

Last week I upset a bunch of people, without real jobs, in my post about practice management consultants. Let’s go for two weeks in a row. Ignore the practice management “experts,” who tell you that you just need to bill what you’re worth to get the price you deserve. Here’s how you know that’s total…
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Lies, Damned Lies, and Consultants

About a decade ago, a new disease infected the accounting and CPA business – the practice management consultant. These geniuses, who have never or only briefly worked in the profession, sell anxious owners on the idea that there’s a magic answer to make the business easier. If only you listen to and pay them, you’ll…
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How You Can Avoid Hiring Other People’s Mistakes

The recruiters are coming!  The recruiters are coming – filling your inbox with resumes that mostly go as follows: ************************************************************************************ Objective: To contribute increased profitability to a tech savvy firm using my experience to advance to increasing levels of responsibility while providing excellent client service. Qualifications: Prepared complex returns for high net worth individuals and…
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